A Peaceful Space
The Spirit of Craftmanship

Berlin, Germany

︎ Sodales: Malesuada
︎ Nulla: Sapien
︎ Proin: Dignissim
︎ Aenean Venena CA 98


After careful research into the history of the house in Berlin-Charlottenburg, the old interior was completely removed, and three new sight lines were created parallel to the street front. This concept supports the client’s desire for tangible spatial transparency. Deep vistas enable a generous living experience. Threshold-free passages in different directions of the apartment, e.g., from the bedroom via the bathroom into the kitchen, allow for free movement.

“The residence exemplifies pure minimalism in daily life. The atmosphere is deliberately contemplative. All surfaces and natural light enter a quiet dialogue.”

Dietmar Leyk, principal amd cofounder

The apartment is equipped with floor-to-ceiling revolving and sliding doors that act as ‘moving walls’ and allow for versatile and continuous circulation. The former servant’s staircase has been transformed into a generous shower experience with only a few incised openings. High gloss finishes for the flush cabinets and kitchen furniture are contrasted with matt lacquered doors. A matt white oiled oak floor connects all areas.

Apartment L, Berlin, GER, private commission, built

Project Team
Sonja Berthold, Dietmar Leyk