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"In every project, we strive for radical abstraction, maximum reduction, and architectural added value."

Sonja Berthold and Dietmar Leyk

Our story began in 2019 in Zurich and Singapore. Award-winning architects, the recipients of multiple international prizes, we joined our creative and analytical forces to shape a more human future.

Together, we have expertise in architectural and urban design, art, engineering, strategic thinking, and science. Our life histories have taught us what is best in both European and Asian culture, and our designs are permeated by influences from a rich variety of sources.

From the beginning, we have worked on numerous projects across Europe and Asia in the fields of architectural, interior, and urban design. Our design solutions bring cities to life and thrust urban areas to the very centre of innovation and entrepreneurship – and we are always eager to undertake a project of great cultural significance.

Our approach to design is two-part, encompassing present and future: we explain the “what is” and outline the “what if”. We address real-life challenges while anticipating people’s demands. We encourage them to dream big, to build the confidence to request the unknown – because we’ll design it.

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