Lecture Halls and Media Centre:

Promoting connections between people

The redesign of the inner campus area is defined by its vital role as a social connector within a network of multifaceted spatial and pathway relationships. Our proposal emphasises architectural densification in the core to strengthen the entire campus area in its relation to the surrounding high-quality landscape. New pathways, intentionally guided through the architecture of the Lecture Hall and Media Centre allow pedestrians to traverse the core, making it a hub connecting the various faculties. Therefore, we propose four entrances for the Lecture Hall and Media Centre, opening in all directions and specifically toward the adjacent faculties. Their passageway-like extensions converge within a communal space at the heart of the Lecture Hall and Media Centre.

“ The university of the future will not be confined to the boundaries of lecture halls and faculties but will flourish as an interactive experience within dynamically and diversely utilised spaces. ”

The Lecture Hall and Media Centre features an expansive, distinctive roof as a prominent structure, uniting the communicative spaces of the campus. The roof's upper surface becomes a canvas for the surrounding faculties, a place for the seasons, imagination, and contemplation. Depending on the weather and season, sunlight, rain, or snow create a dynamic graphic through colors and contrasts on the roof's surface. The building's ground and upper floors have an inviting, staggered footprint, providing welcoming entry points and maximal connections with the exterior. The transparent facades contrast with the more enclosed and introverted facades of the surrounding faculties.
The Lecture Hall and Media Centre will be constructed using a hybrid approach. Reinforced concrete columns with a 9m x 9m grid pattern provide flexibility and variety within the interior spaces. The floors will be made of reinforced concrete, while the roof will be constructed using a timber framework.

Lecture Halls & Media Centre, Darmstadt, GER, competition, 1st prize

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