Advanced Work
Looking ahead, people, computers and robots can work together in a way that could not be done before, with a general collective intelligence, hyperconnection and in collaboration across time and space. Can this human/computer team create services and goods more effectively, and even develop interpersonal skills informed by the kind of social intelligence necessary to improve quality of life?

AI for Life as a Service
Exploring and experiencing artificial intelligence (AI) in architectural and urban design processes as well as in their manifestations in physical space.

LAAS - Life as a Service
How can we improve the way we live together in a physical and digitised world through advanced services with quantum leap value?

Mutualities - Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 2021
Rethinking the interactions between people, nature, and digital technology within our common spaces. 

Urban Choreographies
How catalysts change Bangkok’s neighbourhoods.
High-Density Mixed-Use Cities: Waterfront Tanjong Pagar
How do we design density well? A framework towards the design of dense and adaptable urban space in the context of programmatic indeterminacy.

Immersive Training Systems
Digital advancing
education and training using extended reality and artificial intelligence in education.

Reclaiming Backlanes
Design Vision for increasing building performance and reprogramming common spaces.

Knowledge Spaces
How does architecture augment creative thinking?

Future of Education 
Advancing education by engaging children in creative learning environments and by developing novel cognitive support to communicate, understand and respond.

Future of Construction
If AI, IoT, and blockchain technology ensure an intelligent and reliable  flow of construction work, would we be able to rethink the whole concept of ownership?

Perception and visualisation of intervention areas for the transformation of urban systems on the basis of morphology and metabolism in Urbanised Environments. How do morphological properties of urban systems have to be decoded and coded so that they can be used in transdisciplinary projects for the design of urban systems?

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